Business Analysis for Practitioners

Having some practical experience and routines? Now it’s the right time to go to the next level and breathe fresh air combined with new approaches.

You and your team will get an individual training based on your working environment: Agile and non-agile teams, Business Analysis and Project Management, How to use conflicts to foster collaboration, Organizations in Transition, International Teams.

We get you out of your regular environment and develop together a new perspective to Business Analysis.

Training Goals

Understand Business Analysis as Game Changer

Tools and Methods usable in Your Environment

Understand Interdependence of Conflict and Success

Course Outline

Details will be agreed individually

Duration: 1 Days   I   approx. 8 hours

Morning Session

Assessment of the Current Situation using BA Techniques

Defining new Targets

Afternoon Session

Transforming Conflicts – Conflicts as Success Factor

Example Based Transformation