What is Business Analysis?

Let me give you an example:

“Phony” is a successful medium sized telephone service provider. And it sends lots of letters to it’s clients. Everyday about 1.500 letters are printed, packed and sent. Phony also prints a copy for the company’s partner – the Network Inc. – who wants to be informed about all client communication. These copies are faxed from Phony to Network Inc. every Tuesday and Friday.

The process works fine and they handle it like this since years. But then, they close a big deal and they know that the client portfolio will increase significantly. And what used to be 1.500 letters per day will soon be 4.500.

Phony knows: to handle these new clients they need to adapt.

After some discussions with Network Inc. and the IT Department, they found a solution: instead of letters, Phony will send emails to the clients. And instead of faxing copies to the partner, they will group all emails in one document and send it automatically to Network Inc. every day in the evening.

As a result, Phony saves 30,- per week on copy paper, works more eco-friendly, client and partner receive the information faster, and no employee has to spend 4 hours per week at the faxing machine.

pacher business analyse

improves processes, drives change in organizations and is the link between business & IT

Nothing will remain as it is.

Hi! I’m Anita, the founder of pacher business analyse.

We all know this saying that the only constant in life is change. And this is definitely true for me. Since the beginning of my career, I have been a sewer, an election assistant, a waitress, a policy researcher, a registration clerk, a translator, a blogger, an event manager, a business analyst, project manager and demand manager. The list of jobs in my CV represents how crucial it is to be open to change and ready to dive deep into a new topic.

In a VUCA world adaptability is key – exponential growth will drive the future. And persistency, openness and constant learning enables me to be at the steering wheel of the changes yet to come.

Let’s explore the future together.


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