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Defining the Future of Insurance

The financial industry has to deal with digital transformation, customer satisfaction and growing regulatory requirements. Proficient business analysis will help you succeed with your strategy!

Conceptual thinking and detailed analysis is the baseline for our service. High personal commitment and industry knowledge makes our work outstanding.

You will benefit from unique solutions and personal support. Our tool knowledge and expert judgement leads to sustainable results and successful knowledge transfer.

Newest Resources

Impact Analysis in Agile Environments

In agile terminology the notion of business analysis is usually avoided. In agile environments diverse teams cooperate, focusing on quick production of value and working software over comprehensive documentation.

Roles and Responsibilities: RACI Matrix

One of my favorite tools I always use when starting on a new project is the RACI Matrix. It’s quite obvious to define the stakeholders roles and responsibilities when you join a new organization,

12 Must-Reads on Business Analysis

There are a lot of great books about Business Analysis out there. But only few of them are really adding something new to the field.
Let me give you a list of my favourites.